4 Channel Relay Make any Switch Smart

Jr Automation

Works With Any Socket And Switches

JR Smart Switch

4 Channel Relay works with your existing sockets and switches. Can be controlled by Z-Wave Gateway and Mobile App.It can also be controlled by other Z-Wave Devices in your Home.

4 channel relays Designed To perform JR 4 channel relay is designed to perform four different switches in single electrical board. You can switch on/off lights, fan, electrical appliance and sockets. JR relay is design to manage load current of 6A each channel and 15A in total.

Easy Installation

The JR 4 Channel Relay is enough small to fit most of the junction boxes. You can do it yourself or ask for a professional installer.

Home Automation Service India Home Automation Installation Control Your Home With Voice 4 Channel Relay is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and
Google Home Voice Assistants.
Turn ON light ON light Turn ON Fan ON Fan

Home Automation Service India Control Devices Simultaneously Create personalized scenes on your Z-Wave GateWay and control multiple devices with a tap, or simply a voice command. I'm Home Good Morning Good Night I'm Out

Slide S2 Z-Wave is low power wireless communication protocol. It allows all Z-Wave devices to talk to each other no matters who has made them. All of that communication happen reliably, without interference, without consuming a lot power, and it all happens securely.

Z-Wave Features

Network Repeater

Extend your Z-Wave network's range.

S2 Security

Built with the latest hacker-proof encrypted security protocol.

Switch Recovery

The device restores on/off status after power failure.

OTA Updates

Your switches are future-proof with over-the-air firmware updates.

Instant Status

Get fast on/off reports on your phone if someone taps the switch.

Z-Wave Plus

The 500 series boosts communication speed and reduces power use.
4 channel relays by JR

In the Box

(1.) 4 Channel Relay.
(2.) Quick start guide.