How does home automation work
Time by time, Home automation works with different technology as per easiness of installation, costing and infrastructure available at home. But currently 2 types of major technology available in the world.
  1. Wireless
  2. Wired
With wired technology, There are no communication protocols needed to talk each device to the controller. Because every device is connected with wire and in wireless technology controllers. Slave devices are connected wireless so needed hardware to talk wireless to each other.

Execution of Command path :

                 All smart home end devices as per utility are connected to the main controller by wire or by wireless and this main controller passes all the commands for different use and as per different scenario which is run for your smart home utility. Main controller is always connected to the internet by LAN connection with the internet so we can operate the main controller from all over the world or as per controller software we can also operate it from mobile application.

Different automated devices for smart home utility: 

There are so many slave or end devices which are connected with controllers.
  1. Relays for switching(Actuators) – for lighting control
  2. Smart remotes – to control from remote control
  3. Smart touch panels – to operate as perfect interior
  4. Light dimmer –  for mode lighting
  5. Fan dimmer – fan speed control
  6. Curtain controller – for curtain position set
  7. RGBW light controller – for colour full lighting
  8. Heavy load actuators – for geyser or AC on and off
  9. Digital smart lock  – for main door access
  10. Gate automation controller – manage automatically when comes in and out
  11. Security sensors – for home security
  12. Media controller – for TV setup box control
  13. Air condition controller – for AC temperature control
  14. Motion and presence sensor – for automatic light on and off and electricity saving

Needs for automation infrastructure for wireless automation:

Above all components are directly or indirectly connected with the main controller. Main controller connected to the internet. So basically to execute all firstly, We needed software for mobile application to give raw command. Secondary hardware & software of controller to manage all the devices as per command in like schedule, mobile input, voice command input by Alexa, Ok google and siri. By remote control operation thirdly different hardware with wireless inbuilt platform at the end device for different use.   Installation: For proper benefits and maximum use of smart homes we firstly finalize requirements and then as per requirement choose different end devices for making your every step or work or increase your comfort in home with electrical saving. After selection in wireless technology put all devices at its end and connect with the controller so it will talk and make proper function as we required. For perfect home automation after installing all devices make different scenarios or short cuts or configure remote for mass action with single switch command in controller by coding. We can also configure timing or day to day schedule for end device application.  Summery: To convert your home to a smart home we are providing smart home installation service with 8 year of experience in the home automation system industry. We find your requirement as per your needs and suggest best home automation in 2020. We as a home automation companies also manufacture different end devices in wireless home automation, and provide smart touch panel solutions with world best technology to make your home smart by function and also by interior in all over India. With more than 90 distributors available in all Indian cities. So join the smart revolution with us.

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