How JR Touch Panel gives challenge to any brand for their smart touch panel

Introducing Smart Things in Global World 

  Time by time technology changes, and it inspires every modern company to make or build extraordinary products in their portfolio. With our dealers and customers highly support we are introducing Smart touch panel – The Neon series. First in the Indian market to introducing smart touch panel.
Smart home touch panel, Neon series by JR automation technology
Neon smart touch panel present by JR automation technology compatible with Z-wave.
  JR automation technology believes to create the most stable and extraordinary product for Indian market with great quality. As we have more than 8 years of experience in the home automation sector. We build and design products with customer satisfaction as our sole purpose. As per our challenge, we add lots of facilities as well as parameters, customization and function to make it too unique. We describe all the points below and decide on several points.
  1. Design
  2. Functionality
  3. Glass selection
  4. Light indication and brightness
  5. Dimming performance
  6. Modules available in series
  7. High power operation
  8. Touch sensitivity
  9. Customize icon
  10. Fair price
  11. Easiest installation

————– Let’s take more deep in all functionality ——————

  Design: Neon series present with it’s complex design & easy to use for every customer with biggest support of our highly experience team & interior designer reviews. Curved glass with a beautiful rim with proper color combination makes it really charming for every home interior. Different color combinations of glass and highly accurate icon design increase its beauty to infinity. And the challenging part is to spread RGB icon lighting with extraordinary even light distribution with outside light intensity responsive make it too different and unique against all other smart touch panel companies available in the market. Functionality:  All touch panels have only on-off functionality but with neon series, you can integrate with most powerful wireless Z-wave technology to make it an IOT device. You can access touch panels from all over the world. The challenging part is, you can convert all normal switches to scenario switches and with it, you can operate more than one device by making scenarios from a single switch for your home requirement. Glass Selection: In India, majority touch panel manufacturers import glass from outside with very normal design with the average quality or use acrylic which is neither long-lasting nor enough protective. To decrease every customer’s fear of glass breaking we manufactured 4mm thickness of glass with ultimate curvature design to make it extra special with unbelievable thrust protection to make glass panels for years. And also design the rim to show glass miracle extra thin.  Light indication & brightness: We design touch panels to perform in every environment. As per general society usage, every person needed indication for their light, fan, and AC switch independently so guests also operate it easily, also at the time of sleeping some customers won’t illuminate light on their bedroom. To solve the above problem we control LED light brightness by continuous tracking of outside light intensity so the brightness indication is brighter on day time and very very down at night so you can see switches but not hesitate by light emission. And the challenging part is to spread the lighting to all icons very evenly to feel it superior and extra precise. Dimming performance: For home, automation light dimming and fan dimming is a crucial part and major home automation companies cannot provide a proper solution for this. Some companies provide fan dimming with humming and some companies provide light dimming with fluctuation. The major challenge for smart neon series is to provide a very stable solution for this and for that we develop noise less four-step fan speed control system and leading and trailing edge (for the fluorescent bulb to led driver) all types of LED load smooth operable solution available in all types of different modules as per requirement. The iconic style of fan and light dimmer helps to operate fan and light dimmer easily by 0 to 100 light dimming and 4 step fan dimming. Modules available in series According to vast experience in automation, we know customer requirements as well as installer typicality. To increase convenience, we decided to manufacture all the variants with all the module combinations. We are the first in the Indian market to introducing smart touch panel with variety of required modules & different back boxes. As below with fan dimming, light dimming, curtain control, and normal switch together.
  1. 5 lights + 1 high load+ 1 Fan + 1 light dimmer (6 & 8 module)
  2. 9 lights + 1 high load (6 & 8 module)
  3. 4 lights + 1 fan (4 module)
  4. 8 lights (4 module)
  5. 7 lights + 1 high load+ 1 Fan (6 & 8 module)
  6. 4 lights + 2 light dimmer (4 module)
  7. 4 lights (2 module)
  8. 1 curtain (2 module)
  9. 4 light + 1 plug (4 module)
  10. 1 plug (2 module)
As per customer need, you can choose the touch panel from the above variant which is fitted at every corner of your home to make smarter. High power operation: We added high power features for only installer ease. To switch on and off high load devices like AC and more lights together we gave a switch for 3000W load capacity to avoid intermediate relay or contractor.  Touch  Sensitivity: The crucial part for this Smart home touch panel is a more responsive touch for the switching operation. For this, we use rapid touch detection and the smoothest touch operation at the time of finger tap to the panel and it makes your touch or multi-touch so fast. In touch, our challenging part is to make provision for 0 to 100 step dimming to the dimmable light by scrolling up and down scroll in dimmable light touch switch and with it you can set any intensity instead of only 5 steps of dimming. And to operate the fan you had 4 steps with on and off switch provision.  Customize icon: In India, profit-oriented companies can’t provide any customization to their clients in home automation and cannot give any choice to choose for their home. Our company providing customized icon selection for their individual touch panel through very easy web interference by clicking icon choice with their family as per easy to use switching as well particular home area requirement. Fair price: Convenient and competitive pricing makes it easy to buy home touch panels for your smart home with above all facilities. Easiest installation: Due to proper wiring diagram and video installation guide makes panel installation too easy. Also configure in the wireless network so that normal electricians are also able to install touch panels at the site. JR automation technology is serving all Indian cities in the mid and upper-class segment by its very cost-competitive & most advances products across the all over India. JR automation relays and touch panels with Z-wave based wireless technology make all product life long with great quality to meet all customer requirements by using Z-wave based home automation controller. Our production and development team make it all possible by designing extraordinary products for India. Join us for a bright future with great earnings then contact us now for a smart revolution.

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