How to make a home as a smart home by different scenarios 2
India, the test of smart homes is a little different than European countries and western countries. Due to the high population and availability of servants and workers, people mostly use automation for showcase purposes. But still, majority homeowners use home automation service for comfort, utility and electrical saving.
Professional Home Automation Service
Smart home concept. Internet of things control.
  So we suggest several home automation tips for best use of the smart home by creating a magical scene:
  1. Voice command is too easy to operate smart home so create as many scenarios with voice command by Alexa, ok google and can make this type of wording for your home for full home and single bedroom example.
  • Alexa, turn on living room downlight(for individual light)
  • Alexa, welcome home(for common area lights on with AC)
  • Alexa, Going out (for all unnecessary lights and AC off)
  • Ok google, Open bedroom curtain( for curtains in diff. area)
  • Ok google, Good morning (For Geyser and curtain at certain area)
  • Alexa, Welcome guest(you can turn on all decorative lights for predefined for guest)
  • Alexa, turn on relax mode(it will start all colour full light with setting AC temperature and curtain position)
  • Alexa, play Aaj Tak (for Television and setup box start with the particular channel)
  • Alexa, Dim my bedroom (to arrange dimming light position)
  • Alexa, turn on Garden (for garden decorative light with waterfall)
  • Alexa, Set living fan at twenty percent (for fan speed control)
  • Alexa, open curtain(for all curtain open)
  • Alexa, start security (to arm security panel)
  • Alexa, start summer mode(for setting AC temperature)
  • You must suggest remote control or touch switch for a scenario in every entrance like main door entry, dining table entry, on passage, Living room entry, every bedroom entry to play fast scenario by shortcut creating.
  Scenario control makes every specific space lighting and mode operating too easy to operate with automation when comes in and out. So today every customer likes it because easier we give more use they do  
  1.  Different suggestible scenario: Wake up mode, Good night, welcome home mode, decorative mode, Ground floor Off, Garden timing, Play aaj tak, Play summer mode, Play winter, Play relax mode, Guest mode, All on, all off mode is also useful when going out and in, set AC temperature etc… makes your home to heaven on earth
  2.  Some electricity saving points: Put a motion sensor to every bathroom, wardrobe area,            passage, stair, main home entrance light, and parking area to decrease your all unnecessary use of electricity due to periodic switch off when we are absent in this area. Scheduling of AC on and off at night as per requirement also saves our energy.
  3. Scheduling of several entrance lights, garden decorative light, outside home plate light, bedroom and common area curtain, temple light and heating and cooling cycle by time increase your home beauty infinitely with electric saving and comfort.
  4. Some automation companies also support mobile application widgets so by creating scenario widgets we can easily operate our full house by fingertips. So try to create all useful scenario widgets on mobile apps to operate all scenarios comfortably without any switching and opening the mobile app every time.
  5. Nowadays all smart home companies provide remote access to our home from mobile apps. So when you go outside at this time you can monitor all activity and switch off unnecessary light from every corner of the world.
  To convert your home to a smart home we are providing smart home installation service with 8 years of experience in the home automation system industry around India. We find your requirements as per your needs and suggest the best home automation in 2020. We as a home automation companies also manufacture different end devices in wireless home automation and provide smart touch panel solutions with world best technology to make your home smart by function and also by interior all over India. With 90+ distributors available in all Indian cities. So join the smart revolution with JR automation technology.

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