Z-wave is a radio wave which helps to connect the main controller and slave device to continuous, unbreakable, fast small data transmission for years. It was developed in 1999 for the purpose of home automation to communicate device to device communication with smaller commands, with mess technology without affecting the human body. Due to mass and fast communication majority market share of home automation go with Z-wave protocol devices to make their space as smart space. And currently more than 1000 companies make more than 3000 different end certified devices all over the world. Due to more product options available for different applications Z-wave is currently the leader in the home automation market.

Z-wave market size:

Since 2009, Availability of several Z-wave based devices control the smart home market. At the time of initial phase majority automation company imported devices from Europe to complete indian needs. Currently, Companies like Fibaro, Zipato, Vera, smartthing JR automation technology,Z-next and homeseer covers 99% of the z-wave based automation market. Currently more than 300 active dealers and distributors in different parts of India. And generate more than INR 50 Cr. yearly revenue as per our assumption around India.

Z-wave market analysis:

Due to the ease of installation and service with Z-wave based products, more and more dealers and distributors are attracted to the Z-wave market. Stability of it’s individual controller makes it very stable at end use so it’s majorly maintenance free.  As the wireless based automation market increases time by time dealer and distributor revenue also increases. In the initial phase around 2010 domination of wireless based systems increased slowly but current awareness of easy solutions makes it to cover more than 70% automation market share compared to wired systems. And penetration of the wired market in the automation industry is still on.

Z-wave growth, trends and forecast:

Due to the Z-wave alliance monopoly nowadays growth of this company all around the world is high in speed. Due to the lots of collaboration and availability of every end use product Z-wave technology is at its top in the market. Easy installation, easy product availability and long life makes top in the wireless segment. Different security sensors, touch panels, on-off module and digital lock availability and compatibility with different controllers makes it easy for customers to get a one stop solution as well as a dealer to provide a stable solution with Z-wave. Now due to all types of devices available with some technology compatible more and more projects prefer to go with it. So the future of this technology is very bright in India and all over the world. Revenue of every smart home increases due to more projects and full solutions with this technology also helps to grow the automation market fastly. And expected to grow 30% CAGR every year in India.

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