India has a vast variety of public and through them choices. Some communities like technology and some one not. some people like advancement some people refuse, some one choice is red color car and someone black. So this freedom creates a huge choice to cater in some small particular field like home automation. Smart home automation with smart tool like advance relays, touch panels & many other products.

As we talk about home, Due to technology advancement people now like to make their home as a smart home. To satisfy their dreams, nowadays people are choosing cool home automation with stylish and decorative smart switches.

To complete your home through a great & smart interior with a classy look then you will need a smart touch panel. Neon series is one of the best smart touch with highly selected at first site touch switch. 

Neon Series


Here is the several benefits to choosing Neon series:

  1. Wireless connectivity makes it IOT so it will operate from anywhere from inside to outside of your home.
  2. Fan and light dimming is too easy by saying single command or by finger tap.
  3. Beautiful design increases your interior richness infinitely.
  4. Voice activation supportive touch makes your home really convenient to use.
  5. Timer based lighting and curtain control makes your home smarter.
  6. By converting touch switch to scenario switch you can welcome guests easily by preset lighting arrangement, you can operate a good night scene by saying a single word, or set morning routine.
  7. Detailed crafted and icon indicated switch makes switching easy to servant as well guests.
  8. Highly finished glass with a properly selected rim makes your wall and your furnishes really unique and makes your interior more valuable to present guests.
  9. Every entrance in rooms with 4 switch scenario touch panels can be extremely easy to set a particular mood in a room by switching specific light or full light on and off by scenario when you come in and out of the room.
  10. Thanks to the day and night light sensor in the touch panel to make lowest light when you sleep and brighter in a day time.
  11. Due to technology expanding, don’t worry now when any hard thing is tapped to you touch panel cause with us high thickness of glass make all trust and hard tap resistive to make touch panels life longer.
  12. Due to every light in automation we can now save energy by making every on and off switching optimization as per our maximum use.


JR provides his own smart home automation relay which controls your home lighting along with home automation touch screen which increases your home beauty to infinity and a lot more devices connected over the internet and you can control it from any part of the world by mobile application or by google voice control.” Bring together all your home lifestyle systems with a seamless and intuitive Home Automation System.

Inquire about your Home Automation Services today.

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  3. Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

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