18 competitive benefit point of JR Neon smart touch switch series


Here, We describe several only competitive advantages compared to other touch panel based companies. 

  1. Icon selection for touch panel available through web portal
  2. Uniformly spread RGB back switch light selection to match with home interior
  3. Brightness of switch icons automatically
  4.  control as per day and night light intensity.
  5. Can select multi colour switch on & off light through parameters setting
  6. Selection of glass colour matched with rim colour available
  7. Support all Z-wave IN freq. based controller & repeat Z-wave signal as repeater
  8. Can install 6 & 8 module regular SS back box
  9. Easily convert any switch to scenario switch and also put in association
  10. Operating and remote access functionality depends on controller selection
  11. Retrofitting possible with conventional wiring
  12. High power surge protection available for electrical fluctuation
  13. Control 1 fan, 1 light dimmer and 5 normal load & 1 high load through automation
  14. For light dimming 0 to 100 position through slider scrolling available 
  15. 4 step with on & off switch fan speed control available
  16. Perform all the indian electrical environment
  17. Thick glass to resist all the unwanted thrust for long life
  18. Smartstart technology for quick addition to Z-wave networks
  19. By selecting any one switch you can do master off


Smart Touch Series


The neon touch series is a revolutionary smart touch panel to convert normal switches to elegant glass panels with it’s charming beauty. It’s a bunch of light switches, light dimming, fan dimming, curtain and scenario controller to convert an ordinary home to a real smart home. Neon touch has a true captive touch to sense every command with wireless Z-wave plus 700 series technology.

Iconic switch design is an example of our quality in every micro detailing. Neon series doesn’t require extra wiring, it’s installed in an existing back box within a few minutes. Due to the variety of glass and rim colour, JR touch panels installed at every home corner match to the ever room interior choice.

Glass touch panel can be customized as per your color selection form RGBW color light it uses in light indication at time of switch on & off, it makes your glass panel premium. Accurate customised icon led lights with day and night intensity control makes the glass panel amazingly professional. 

Availability of a large variety of touch panels convert your home to smart touch panel based home can solve all the requirements of your smart switches.

To continue the success of 4 channel relay through quality we are giving a challenge again for extremely premium quality for smart touch panels.  

To convert your home to a smart home we are providing smart home installation service with 8 year of experience in the home automation system industry. We find your requirement as per your needs and suggest best home automation in 2020. We as a home automation companies also manufacture different end devices in wireless home automation, and provide smart touch panel solutions with world best technology to make your home smart by function and also by interior in all over india. With more than 90 distributors available in all indian cities. So join the smart revolution with us.

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