Home automation market in India
India is one the most advanced countries on acceptance of technology in all sectors  including it’s for home or in industry and that’s why as we know India is leader in a number of smartphone usage. So as per home automation sector prediction, we are also becoming a topmost user in several years and for this we needed more economic and best suitable product for Indian electricity for greater life and stability. As per market survey, currently India has around 25K crore of market size in 2019 and it is growing yearly around 30% of CAGR so soon it will become good sector in Indian market for business and create more than 1 lakh jobs in next 5 year in home automation installation and home automation service sector in India’s different city. There are two types of markets available in the smart home automation industry. One is wired and the second is wireless, there are several home automation companies like elan automation, crestron automation etc.. They are  working in wired technology for higher stability of performance. And secondary wireless includes Z-wave, Bluetooth and wifi technology with extremely easy to use, operate and install. As specially Z-wave wireless home automation system is extra stable due to individual controller and this bandwidth made for only the home automation sector with a wide range of product availability. Due to very costly and typical installation of wired systems within 5 years of industry expansion use of wired systems is down drastically as per prediction. In other ways, the very economic and retrofit wireless automation system expands its market extraordinarily due to higher and medium class people’s acceptance of the system.  Due to wireless technology, the installation stage becomes very easy for even a huge bungalow or king-size apartment and availability of a wide product range as per current demand on the market makes wireless technology penetration to fast compared to other products. Some of the well-known companies in wireless technology like Fibaro, JR automation, GM, part and Lutron lead the home automation sector fastly by huge production.

Product range demand

Majority of Indians use automation for:
  1. Lighting
  2. Dimming
  3. Fan dimming
  4. Media control
  5. Air condition control
  6. Smart digital lock
  7. Gate automation
  8. Sensors as per requirement
  9. Curtain automation
  Till now all house automation installers use backside relay modules for different applications and use for home automation in conventional switches and these modules connect to controllers but from last year this trend changed to smart touch panels, people want to drive their house through fingertips and touch glass which matches with house interior. So in upcoming years, the requirement of smart touch panels will drastically increase so companies like Lumi and JR automation technology provide this type of solution for completing public requirements. Neon Series Smart Touch Panel To convert your home to a smart home we are providing smart home installation service with 8 years of experience in the home automation system industry. We find your requirements as per your needs and suggest the best house automation in 2020. We as a home automation companies also manufacture different end devices in wireless home automation and provide smart touch panel solutions with the world’s best technology to make your home smart by function and also by interior all over India. With more than 90 distributors available in all Indian cities. So join in smart revolution with us.  

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