How does home automation work


Currently, home automation is the most booming sector in India. And growing 30% CAGR annually so that’s why more and more people are involved in this sector to serve more and more homes. So a service provider will check all product stability and quality before taking the distribution and start home automation installation service.


Smart Home Automation Service


Technology selection: 

Here is the guide before choosing the best technology and installation process for every device and provisioning needed before installation.

Smart home automation system happens with lots of technology but nowadays 2 major types of technology are used by all solution providers which are wired and wireless.

As per our 8 years of experience, wired technology growth is very slow due to high price and typical installation so below we discuss only wireless technology installation.

In the wireless world, the majority controller-based automation system is more reliable and maintenance-free, and the process of installation is also easy with a very budgetary cost.

Installation process:

Mostly with wireless controller-based automation system installation process is majority similar to all the different home automation system manufacturers

After finalizing all the end device requirements and area of automation, in particular, homes need to suggest wiring provision for the easiest installation.

Here is the step by step process for the installation.


Need to read the manual for connection requirements and overview.

Need experienced electrician at the time of installation.

Finalize all needs from the client.


In the very first step decide the server area from which all the internet connections coming from outside and distribute to all homes. And it’s required for 

  1. security system junction
  2. Alexa server with some automation company
  3. surveillance system junction
  4. Sometime media automation wired solution
  5. For Air-condition control wired solution
  6. LAN distribution for rest home
  7. Some time for connecting slave controller


Choose a center area of a single floor controller at more than 6 feet height (at ceiling height) to propagate the maximum signal to all over the home for performing best operation wirelessly and the same as slave controller. And make provision for the controller of Cat-6 from the server area with power supply.


Choose and decide a number of lights, fan dimming, light dimming, curtain and RGBW light required in home automation and suggest electrician put more space behind switchboard for relay or actuator provision as per loops coming at switchboard and client is going to conventional switch.

If the client is going with the smart touch panel then decide the backbox module size before the electric work starts for the optimum solution.

For light on-off, fan dimming and light dimming needed one phase at a switchboard,

For the curtain needed 4 different connections from the switchboard to curtain motor, and for RGBW light needed phase and module position as per RGBW lighting strip length.


For AC, television control needed one pair of wire from every Electronic IR sensor and AC to the wired IR kit junction and later it coded as per temperature or TV channel code for integrating it with automation.


All the motion sensors as per its daylight position needed 3 wires at the bathroom and passage ceiling center to perform it best by time and easy configuration with lux sensitivity.


To provide the best solution at the main door to make it digital lock, lay cat-6 for making all the area in wifi connectivity by the wi-fi access point.


Make provision as for video door phone and security sensor as per their brand


Last but not least, Need to make provision for wall remote control or any wireless remote control to every bedroom and home entrance so all can easily access all scenarios when coming in the room or home and switch off when going out.

Four touch panel or remote control makes your home really beautiful if you are using it.

After installation:

Coding is the best part of home automation for the proper use of home automation

So we can make different scenarios in the controller as per our requirement to solve day to day life problems and make the home more comfortable to live and smart.

To convert your home to a smart home we are providing smart home installation service with 8 years of experience in the home automation system industry around India. We find your requirements as per your needs and suggest the best home automation in 2020. We as a home automation companies also manufacture different end devices in wireless home automation and provide smart touch panel solutions with world best technology to make your home smart by function and also by interior all over India. With more than 90 distributors available in all Indian cities. So join the smart revolution with JR automation technology.

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