Basically  home automation is a large market with a great span of people expenses power. So everyone is doing home automation as per their expenses power and single room to full villa automation. we as a JR automation technology also providing same platform to you.

Currently, the main difference with the technology is:

  1. Area of automation
  2. Quality
  3. Technology
  4. Life of devices
  5. Solution 
Home automation selection
How to choose specific home automation company?

Several years ago, there is no availability of internet for everyone, so people generally use wired technology for their home but, time by time technology change and after 2009 in Indian market the scope of the smart home through wireless technology increase and till than graph of house automation with wireless technology increase drastically and now every big automation company starts dealing with automation through wireless.

Currently, wireless solutions complete all the needs like it will easily operate a full king size bungalow with the best quality, and like Z-wave based wireless system has an ultimate product range with years of life guarantee.JR automation technology is home automation export since 2014.

Again for home automation, the above factor deeply matters so as per costing power and solution every client purchasing automation for their home by different manufacturers.

There are several distributors from the foreign brands and some brands are manufacturing in India, but due to heavy import duties, nowadays every dealer and distributor joining Indian based company which are manufacturing home automation devices for India with most compatibility with Indian electrical environment.

So as a dealer and distributor you should first think about your market segment which depends upon so,

Factors before choosing an automation company.

  1. Customer & their expense 
  2. City
  3. Scale of serving



If you want to deal with the top higher class and want a good project with the best service then you should go with wired technology by doing more than 20Lakh per project than go with Elan and Crestron.

If you want to serve mid, higher, and upper mid-class than controller-based wireless technology is best suitable in terms of more projects with more margarine with zero service visit. So for this, you should join with companies like Fibaro, JR automation technology, and control 4.

If you want to serve a lower class for a single room than go without a controller-based automation system like cubical, smart node etc….


If you want to start your business in a metro city where the public has more expense power than go with wired and Z-wave based wireless automation systems due to controller stability and return on investment with greater life.

And if planning for tier 1 and tier 2 cities then go with as per customer segment in the wireless system. For the upper segment go with controller-based wireless systems and for single room automation or in lower segment go with wifi-based automation systems.

Scale of serving:

In the smart home automation industry there are two types of segments, If you have a high-end customer then give the best service with more margin by doing fewer projects. In other cases in lower customer segments by doing more projects with a lesser margin by giving general service to the customer so you can earn a good monthly salary.


JR automation technology is serving all Indian cities in the mid and upper-class segment by its very cost-competitive with most advances products all over India. JR automation relays and touch panels with Z-wave based wireless technology make all product life long with great quality to meet all customer requirements by using Z-wave based home automation controller. Our production and development team make it all possible by designing extraordinary products for India. So if you want to join us for a bright future with great earnings then join us for a smart revolution.

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