What does an expert say about Advance home automation and service
Majority Home automation Service used to control all lighting, air condition temperature control, television and media control, curtain positioning, camera control, digital lock control, gate control by different ways like by mobile application by different voice command platforms or timing and scheduling. And by using it everyone wants bestest savings on electricity to utilize every electronic gadget to it’s best way. So as per talking with more than 8 year experience expert from Ahmadabad, Gujarat Mr Vishal Tejani CEO of JR automation technology says” smart home automation is a very old technology in digital world, before 30 years it was as a form of wired technology for all home lighting automation, and curtain automation by laying too much wires at home electrical junction at a time of construction for only wealthy people who have enough money to afford and want latest technology anyhow, but nowadays the scenario is changed. Everybody wants home automation for their bungalow or smaller 1BHK apartment and today’s technology makes it possible, too. Everybody wants voice controlled home automation or needs IOT home automation devices at their home. In a very competitive world everyone wants an affordable home automation system so everyone accepts wireless home automation systems with lesser amount and well connected smart technology for their home. So this is the main reason we as Home automation companies focus on building smart home devices which are compatible wireless and easy to install in all around India.   Home Automation Service   JR provides his own smart home automation relay which controls your home lighting, we also have a home automation touch screen which increases your home beauty to infinity and a lot more devices connected over the internet and you can control it from any part of the world by mobile application or by google voice control.” Bring together all your home lifestyle systems with a seamless and intuitive Home Automation System. Inquire about our Home Automation Services today.  

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